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Dr. Charles Omole's Presentation During the High Power Assembly of the Nigeria Police Force in Lagos Nigeria.


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About Charles Omole

Dr. Charles Omole is a Lawyer, Security consultant, Trainer and Strategist to businesses and governments across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Also, a Constitutional Law Scholar, he brings together an excellent academic & research pedigree and practical industry experience in a compelling proposition. He is a global expert in Law Enforcement Jurisprudence and Organizational Transformation.

A first-class strategist and trainer; Dr Omole is a world-renown expert in matters relating to Good Governance in National Security operations, Security Sector reform, Excellence in Policing, and Leadership Development. He has worked in over 40 countries and advised many nations on reforms to Security Services. Alongside his many global scholarship interests, Dr. Omole also sit as a Judge in the London Circuit of the British Judiciary in both the Crown & Family Courts.

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Law is complex and it will be fatal to assume outcome based on common sense or logic alone in any legal proceeding.


Get advanced leadership skills & high-degree of self-confidence.


Businesses without requisite competence & versatility will go extinct in the 21st Century

Security Reforms

SECURITY is the most Dominant Influencer of National Growth.

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Self-awareness in politics enhances realistic political decisions.


Every industry of human endeavour is meant to compete to survive and thrive, but strategies determine sustainable productivity.


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