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Charles Omole's Business Coaching is for those who want to successfully catalyst their business, improve customer relations, identify their target market, identify their business strengths or simply get more satisfying results within their business. He has helped many people open their dream business, organization or ministry and has mentored them to successfully maintain their thriving business throughout the years. This business coaching will help you develop a clear vision, action plan, problem-solve and set achievable goals in direct alignment to your strengths. You can become a successful business owner, entrepreneur or more with this effective business coaching program.
Dr Charles Omole brings to every Executive one-on-one or group coaching sessions his years of professional experience as an executive leader and business owner who effectively coaches global leaders to achieve their highest potential and goals. He understands the responsibilities and pressures associated with executive leadership and targets how to deal with the circumstances at hand and how to resolve it very quickly. His executive coaching will support you to leverage your strengths while acquiring the skills, confidence and competencies you need to dramatically increase your effectiveness. His coaching is for a wide variety of leadership models, leadership skills, team building and communication styles. He will coach you to discover the development and action plans needed for your business, organization, church, ministry, team or group to achieve powerful, lasting and satisfying goals with dramatic results. Contact us for more Information at: Info@CharlesOmole.org
Law is complex and it will be fatal to assume outcome based on common sense or logic alone in any legal proceeding.
In the Pulitzer Prize-winning book, "Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln", author & historian, Doris Goodwin, tells the story of Lincoln’s decision to fill his cabinet with political adversaries, namely men who ran against him in the contentious 1860 election. Lincoln’s explanation for this decision was: the country needed the strongest, most capable men to lead it; collectively, these men could offer that. From his perspective, just because they had been bitter rivals during election didn’t justify depriving the country of their talents...
As an employer if someone with a low competence level wants to get paid more and you are aware of better and cheaper alternatives? That is the challenge facing many people today. They are not at the cutting edge of their fields but are sadly unaware or unconcerned about it. This is why for instance, there has been a lot of lobbying in the USA because competent IT professionals from India are available for half the price of their American counterparts... ...and are thus knocking them out of business. You are at risk if your potential employer can find more competent and cheaper alternatives not just from your country but from any part of the world. Globalisation has made it possible for organisations to look anywhere... ...in the world for the skills they need. Your competition is therefore no longer restricted to your geographical jurisdiction.
Effective policing in most Nations is made of a unified police body that has specialist units within it to focus on special areas of security interests; but all under the same command and control system and sharing unified databases for joined up intelligence led policing. The trend globally in the security sector, is to join-up activities of different agencies & reduce their number to barest minimum. We seem to be going in the opposite direction. You can finish serving sentence for robbery in Uyo & travel to Lagos next day to join the Police.
Consequence of the citizens abdication of their democratic intelligence in most African countries has given crooked political elite the opportunity to fill the Legislature with the lowlives, illiterate, immature, compliant, unintelligent, lazy, greedy & corrupt army of human robots who represents the rest of us.
Every industry of human endeavour is meant to compete to survive and thrive, but strategies determine sustainable productivity.


What determines, informs or affects the Value folks place on things or people?

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