Marketplace Leadership Capsules: 30 Fundamental Reflections for Leadership Success and Management Development.

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A Capsule is a form of dispensing medications. This book is about some fundamental prescriptions that will help you become the best leader you can be in the Marketplace. They are reflections that are intended to shape your thinking and challenge your paradigms while building your leadership capabilities.

The leadership principles and reflections in this book, will work in any area of life where you are a leader. The reflections will help you in every corporate environment and any sector in the Marketplace you function in. This book is a call for you to pause and reflect on what leadership mean to you and how you are fulfilling your role and mandate as a leader. How effective are you? My aim in this book is to help the leadership practitioner to reflect on key philosophical meditations on leadership, its operation, contradictions, burden and rewards.

This book contains some of the key statements I have used to train leaders for many years. The quotes are titled Leadership Capsules. They are then followed by my reflection on how each quote affects leadership development and capabilities. My reflections are my considered analysis of how each quote can shape your leadership development. At the end of each Capsule; there is then an opportunity for you to write down your own reflections for your future reference and learning. In that sense, this is not a book you can lend someone else after reading. If done properly, it should contain so many personal reflections from you that it will become a leadership development “Bible” for you.


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