Advancement: Understanding the Purpose, Process and Proceeds of Divine Promotion

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This book explains the purpose, process and proceeds of advancement in the kingdom of God. You will learn how to advance where it matters. You will learn how God uses all your experiences, especially the negative ones; to advance you. You will also learn the keys to advancement and how to grow in stature. Even though your physical status may appear to be declining, you are still advancing; as long as you are growing in stature. You know how a footballer retreats first (move backwards); in order to generate the momentum that will be needed to give force to the ball when he runs forward. So your apparent backward slip was part of the divine game plan. It is called “retreat to advance”. It is not over for you by a long shot. You have success locked up on the inside. The world will soon hear from you, if you don’t give up. So be excited as you read this book, and you will be liberated by the word of God. You will come to see advancement as God sees it. You will learn to be content in God for where you are and more importantly, you will learn to appreciate the strength of the spiritual over the physical. This is your secret weapon as a child of God. I am excited for you; welcome to your season. Read, learn and be blessed.


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