Understanding Dominion

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How can believers live above the limitations imposed by this world’s system? How can we live in Dominion as God originally instructed in Genesis 1:26-28? In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth; but what for? Is the earth inferior to heaven? Why did God create the earth? The bible says that our citizenship is in heaven. If this is true, then we must be on earth as ambassadors of heaven. This fact grants us Diplomatic Immunity from the limitations of earthly laws. We have been given assignments by God on earth; nothing on it should be able to stop us from fulfilling our assignment. We are supposed to live above earthly limitations. Understanding Dominion is a unique book that will answer vital age-long questions and reveal God’s sovereign provision for world domination by His saints. We are in the world, but not of the world. In a time of famine do you have to cut back and make do with less like everybody else? While the world may say yes; the Word says No! The Bible tells us that even in times of famine you can still enjoy the provision of God. But this requires that there be interactions between heaven and earth. By design; God has put a lot of what we need on our diplomatic mission out of the reach of the enemy on earth. So we need to access heaven from earth to live a life of immunity and dominion. This book is indeed ground breaking in its emphasis that heaven is a place we can access while still alive on earth. You will see heaven revealed like never before. A diplomat that is cut-off from his home country is no longer fit to represent it. Dominion in life is your portion and you will receive fresh insight on how to walk in the grace that command resources. Read, learn and be blessed.


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